Hodge Chiropractic Clinic

Office: (972) 296-7322 Fax: (972) 296-7322

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Driving Directions

We are on the North East corner of Cedar Ridge Dr. and Wheatland in Duncanville, Texas.
The red brick, Comerica bank building on the corner of the Tom Thumb Center.
I-20, exit North on Cedar Ridge, 5 stop lights, to Wheatland Rd.
Hwy 67, exit West on Wheatland to Cedar Ridge Rd.

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There are several ways to pay for services.

We try to make treatment affordable, come speak with us.
Let us find a way to help you.

Insurance- we are on most insurance company networks.
Call our office 972-296-7322 so that we can verify your coverage prior to coming into the office.

Discounts-ChiroHealthUSA- this is the way we can discount our services that are not covered by insurance.
You can be eligible the same day of your appointment
Call our office 972-296-7322 to find out more.

Medicare and Medicare Replacement Policies- cover the cost of medically necessary chiropractic manipulations of the spine, after the deductible and co-pay, if applicable.
A Medicare secondary insurance usually makes it possible to have all of the chiropractic adjustment fee covered. 
ChiroHealthUSA discount program can help reduce any other fees for non covered services in our office

Auto Accident- This situation is often complex and confusing. There are several avenues of having your care paid for. Most of the time you are covered under a no-fault portion of your car insurance. This helps start your treatments quickly.

Even if the accident was not your fault, the other person's insurance will only pay you (not the doctor), after you are finished with care.
Call our office at 972-296-7322 to find out more

Workers Compensation-Will pay 100% of your care that falls under the states guidelines.  Our office must follow the proper protocol set by the state and insurance company before treatment can begin.
Call us quickly and our office will start the process.
Call our office at 972-296-7322 to find out more.

We accept cash, debit and credit cards as well as checks.