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We are on the North East corner of Cedar Ridge Dr. and Wheatland in Duncanville, Texas.
The red brick, Comerica bank building on the corner of the Tom Thumb Center.
I-20, exit North on Cedar Ridge, 5 stop lights, to Wheatland Rd.
Hwy 67, exit West on Wheatland to Cedar Ridge Rd.

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Nutrition is a broad subject; Listed below is subject matter divided into segments. Please click on the one that interests you the most.

Weight gain and brain inflammation


is a major health concern in this country and is the major driving force to chronic diseases.
Your doctor can order several tests to help identify how inflamed your body is; blood sugar, blood pressure, basic metabolic index (BMI), cholesterol, triglycerides, omega 3, vitamin D and the list goes on.

There is a primary visual marker, waist to hip ratio, that can easily verify an inflammatory problem.

When the waist circumference is larger then the hip circumference, inflammation is present. One or more chronic diseases are well on their way.

If your waist size is less then your hip size, a person still may have an inflammatory profile, it is just not as visible.

Symptoms vary, but there are common symptoms present that gives clue there is an inflammatory profile. Lack of energy, pain, light depression, sleep disturbance are some of the few symptoms that should lead a person to talk to your doctor about a check up.

More information on anti-inflammatory diet.


Remember- supplements do not replace bad eating habits.

Dosing- should be based on a good history, lab work and other factors, check with Dr. Hodge for recommendations.

Supplements are of value and should be taken cautiously.
There should be evidence based reasons for taking them.
Do your investigation, there are many reasons why companies promote a supplement and most of those reasons may not be for your benefit
I recommend the web site "consumer labs" for general information and testing results of individual supplements.

I recommend supplements that are approved by Consumer labs

A good mail order location is Swanson vitamins

Worthy of consideration:


B-vitamins as a group

Omega 3 - add EPA +DHA equals the total of 1000mg

Vitamin D3

Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D

Multiple Vitamin/Mineral- targeted for age group

colorful vegetables fruits, vegetables, antioxidant 

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