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Driving Directions

We are on the North East corner of Cedar Ridge Dr. and Wheatland in Duncanville, Texas.
The red brick, Comerica bank building on the corner of the Tom Thumb Center.
I-20, exit North on Cedar Ridge, 5 stop lights, to Wheatland Rd.
Hwy 67, exit West on Wheatland to Cedar Ridge Rd.

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Lumbar Hygiene

Lying Down
Lie on a firm surface, (most beds are not firm, test yours).  Make a pallet on the floor and sleep or lie on it.

Back lying. with the knees elevated, at least have two pillows under the knees.

Side lying. with the sore side up and the knees bent in a slight fetal position with a pillow between the knees.

Not recommended: stomach sleeping, for most people it is an aggravating position.

Sitting, aggravates most low back pain, minimize sitting, the more severe the pain the less sitting.
Sitting in a firm chair with a lumbar support that puts a slight curve in the low back is recommended.


Motion helps with back recovery combined with rest, letting symptoms be guide, don't push yourself.

Rest helps reduce pain in the acute low back and as the pain level decreases, proper activity helps speed recovery. 
The activity depends on the injury, the persons fitness prior to the injury and the persons ability to recover based on previous experience and general health. 
Activities should be started that are slow and progressive letting pain during the activity be a guide. 
When first starting activity do not use, "no pain no gain as a rule", use commons sense. 
Ice for acute low back pain, is utilized sometimes during but always after activity to reduce inflammation and control pain. 
Walking is one exercise that consistently has been good for low back injury recovery.
Exercise for the lumbar spine is most appropriate for recovery from a low back injury.
It is important that you work with your doctor to design a program that is specific to your deficits and incorporates range of motion, stretching, stabilizing and aerobic conditioning at the appropriate time and intensity.  

Wearing a lumbar corset while upright is very helpful in assisting with recovery of the low back injury.  The wearing of the corset will decrease as activity level improves and the pain level decreases.

It feels better, now what?
Most people with low back injuries feel that they are healed when the pain level goes away and then wonder why they have re-occurrence of low back pain. 

 There is much more to taking care of the back then just relief of low back pain. 
Combinations of factors need to be addressed including the compliance of the patient in order to reduce or eliminate the re-occurrence and subsequent further degeneration of the lumbar spine. 

When the pain level is under control, is the time to work with your doctor on prevention.  We all know about prevention for cardiac problems, but don't often think about prevention for the low back.