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To provide, quality evidence based health care within the context of a biblically based personal and business guidelines, abiding by the laws of our country and state as humanly as possible.

Dr. Hodge, lyle, rodeo Deborah, Dr. Hodge Dr Hodge graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Suma Cum Laude in Davenport Iowa, October 1980.

He practiced in Davenport, until 1985 when he moved his office to the Duncanville area.

He has been helping people at his present location since 1988.

He spent his time in the Army with the 1st Air Cavalry Division in Viet Nam from 1968-1969. Dr. Hodge was married to Deborah Wallace in 1970 and they have five grown children.

He has been involved with the children's and youth programs at Faith Bible church in DeSoto for over 20 years.

Dr. Hodge worked for the Northwestern Bell Corporation in varying capacities- from climbing poles to central office repair and working with prototype equipment during the transition of the telephone companies to the electronic switching systems.

Dr. Hodge's interests guided him to become more involved with treating athletic injuries and improving sports performance.

Extensive post graduate education resulted in becoming certified as a Chiropractic Sports Physician. Dr. Hodge joined the national organization, Wrangler Sports Chiropractic, sponsored by Wrangler Jeans Corporation. The primary purpose of Wrangler Sports Chiropractic was treating professional athletes with a focus on Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association rodeos. He worked as a treating chiropractor at many of the PRCA rodeos in Texas. The experience gained by treating and working with trauma as well as over use injuries at these venues was invaluable at developing his office to treat patients' injuries in his clinic.

Other sporting venues that Dr. Hodge either coordinated the event's chiropractic care or worked at the venues as a treating chiropractor are:

Dr. Hodge participated for over 12 years in medical missions trips in to the mountains of central Mexico treating the Aztec Indians as well as the homeless in the Mexico border towns.
Dr. Hodge enjoys many of the sports in which he helps athletes.
Racquetball, running, swimming, weight training, off road cycling, kick boxing, kayaking and horseback riding.

Office Staff

Picture, Deborah Hodge
Deborah Hodge is the confidant and best friend of Dr. Hodge. She is involved as the accountant and general operations manager of the clinic.
She enjoys gardening and spends much of her time around that theme.

Ryan office staff Ryan Hodge is a personal trainer that has the unique ability to evaluate a patient and motivate them toward improvement. He focuses on rehab after an injury and he works on improving an individuals ability to excel at a given sport. His expertise is with evaluating and improving an individuals ability to play golf.

picture,denise Denise Johnson has been employed with Hodge Chiropractic Clinic for over 15 years in all facets of the office. She is the office manager and is the front desk receptionist for the mornings. Denise lives with her husband, Darryl and 3 school-aged boys, in Duncanville. Her interests include outdoor activities, fitness, and church involvement. She has a personal goal to speak Spanish.

picture, rhonda Rhonda Knowles has been employed with Hodge Chiropractic Clinic since 2006, as the receptionist for the front desk in the afternoon. Rhonda lives in Glenn Heights and is married with 2 grown sons. Her interests include traveling and shopping.